Episode 4: Noms, Ninjas, and Inebriated Mischief


Join Kyna and our guest librarian Natalee as they excitedly dive into the hilarious and fascinating history of food!

From death row last meals and chocolate covered bloodletting rituals to mystical veggies and the Seige that gave birth to your favorite breakfast items, this episode will blow your mind and change the way you look at yogurt. Clutch your earrings and dodge those flying plates because episode 4 will deliver the funny, weird, spooky, random, and morbid historical nuggets you know and love!


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Kyna-Historical-Croissant, Funny-Corn Flakes, Morbid-Last Meals, Weird-Onions, Random-Olmecs, Spooky-One if by Land Two if by Sea

Natalee: Extra-Waffles and fruit