Episode 21: Neck Folds & Lobotomobiles

Source: Episode 21: Neck Folds & Lobotomobiles

This week Kyna and Natalee dive into the funny, weird, and random nuggets of asylum history. Does malaria cure the syph? What does a steel wool box and neck folds have to do with sexual energy? What do you get when you combine an ice pick with a van? Find out the answers to this and more!

This episode we also say goodbye to Ashley. She has made the tough decision to step away from the podcast to focus on her new job, relocation to Louisiana, and her health. You can continue to follow her on Instagram @ajrulo and Twitter @bookitbabe. Natalee and Kyna will continue the podcast with an occasional surprise guest that will either be an expert in the theme we are tackling or a comedian! They promise to continue delivering those delicious funny, weird, spooky, and morbid nuggs to you each week!


Our promo is from the wonderful Mirths and Monsters Podcast! We highly recommend you give them a listen 🙂

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