Kidditch Cups & Fabulous Frocks

Welcome to Religion Part 3 with special guests Nachliel and Meir-Simchah from the Artifacts Podcast joining me from Jeruselum!! This week we get historical and random with the fascinating history of Jeruselum and vestments!

The Artifact Podcast, and it’s available wherever you listen to podcasts. Their website is Nachliel’s tour website is Nachliel broadcasts live through Happs The facebook group for the Artifact Podcast is here If people want to get in touch with Nachliel: or Instagram @museumtoursil If people want to get in touch with me, I’m @meirsimchah on Twitter. We post about our podcast under the hastag #ArtifactPodcast My other podcast is Two Christians and a Jew, which is everywhere you listen. We post about our podcast under the hashtag #TwoChristiansAndAJew

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  • Artwork by KS 
  • Intro & Outro Music by Camilo GP
  • Hold Music by Lobo Loco-Pianoman Play Sofa Again (Copyright Free Download from Jamendo Music)
  • Sound Effects from Free Music Archive, Sound Bible, Free Sound, and Fesliyan Studios
  • Editing by KS


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