The F*CK YOU List

They know what they did…

  • Hitler
  • Columbus… fuck you and the ship your rode in on
  • Caesar… we wan’t our library back ya fuck
  • Emperor Theodosius
  • Dave Coulier (He Oughta know why)
  • Aristotle
  • Zeus (keep it in your pants dude)
  • Nazis… new and old
  • Madame LaLaurie
  • All Lives Matter people
  • Anti-maskers
  • John Wayne Gacy… although… thanks for not killing my dad when he was a kid
  • Mark Allen Smith… also… thanks for not killing my mom when she was a kid
  • Fred & Rose West
  • The Zodiac Killer… tell me who you are you fuck!
  • Trump… I said what I said
  • Fascists
  • Andrew Jackson
  • LBJ
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Percy “Fuck Boy” Shelley
  • Technology
  • Lord Byron
  • Any historical figure with a child bride… I don’t care if It WaS a DiFfErEnT tImE

If you have a historical figure to add, email the douche canoe to!